Email Guidelines You Should Know


We welcome you to our email help site.  On this site you will get to learn the various elements of Gmail application.  It contains such items as Gmail account management, reading and organizing emails, settings, sending and receiving emails, Gmail applications, and how to fix a problem while you are using the application.

You will be able to easily manage your account using the knowledge availed.  You will learn how to sign in and out of your account.  You will learn how to secure your account when you are using it and when you are not.  On your account still, you will get information on the account itself.  Under this section you will learn such functions as how to create and change a password, how to create and change a username, how you can create and change an account, and how you can alter the contents of the google space and create more room for other items.


To add on the list of the various divisions of the application at, you can be able to read and organize your messages through email help.  In this section you will be able to learn how to mark messages as reading and unread, do recovery of deleted messages, import and forward emails.  Furthermore, as a learner you will get to know the shortcuts of keyboards on email, and learn tips on to locate emails and do classification of the emails as you also set a theme for your inbox.

Guidelines on how to set your account details at, to make your use more convenient, are provided also.  This part, in a birds view, shows you how to change setting to your account.  You will get such information as how to create and change email notifications, how to change a profile photo and get to know to work offline on gmail.  With this knowledge you can be able to create and change a Gmail signature, set an automatic out of office or on vacation reply.  If you want to change the language setting and set a Gmail theme it is so simplified here. To learn more about emails, visit

Information on sending emails, as a common and key application in Gmail is available.  It shows you how to write both short and bulky emails.  How to send images and other attachment is another set of information you will be able to access in this section.

Importantly also, this help includes the use of such applications as iPhone and iPad.  This section constitutes such information as blocking unwanted emails to your account and accessing Google contacts on your mobile phone.

The help center information is made simple in such a way that is friendly to use by every account holder.


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